Our firm provides a broad range of surveying and engineering services for private, commercial and municipal clients in South Central Pennsylvania.

Our services include residential and commercial projects as well as traditional surveying.

Wadel-Mell Inc Land Surveying & Civil Engineering

What Services Do We Offer . . .

Subdivision & Land Development Plans

We can support you through the entire Subdivision or Land Development process from initial consultation to plan approval. Field surveys, sewage planning, storm water management, E&S control plans, and other reports and studies are all parts of process that we specialize in.


Property & Site Surveys

Regardless of the size of your property, we can perform a boundary survey or a site survey. Deed research, field surveys, marking property lines at the site, and preparing a survey plat to document the results of the survey can all be part of the process.


ALTA & Control Surveys

Usually requested by title insurance providers, banks, or lenders, ALTA surveys document site conditions and provide other data needed by those agencies. Control Surveys are performed to provide high-accuracy control points tied to horizontal and vertical datums. These points can then be used by others who provide photogrammetric surveys or other aerial surveys. We have extensive experience with these surveys and look forward to assisting you.


Construction Stakeout & As-Built Surveys

Construction stakeout is used to help ensure site construction is performed in accordance with the approved plans. As-built surveys are completed to document the final site conditions and demonstrate compliance with approved plans.


Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Documents

If your property is located in a FEMA flood zone or you plan to do construction in a FEMA flood zone, you may be asked by your lender or your municipality to provide an elevation certificate, Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA,) or other FEMA form. We can explain the differences in the documents for you and can complete the forms once you’re sure of what you need.


Sewage Planning & On-Lot Sewage System Design

Prior to the installation of an on-lot sewage disposal system, sewage planning approval and/or septic permit approval may be required. We can assist you with the obtaining these approvals as they are tied to subdivision and land development approvals in many cases. Our experience with these designs extends to small flow treatment facilities (SFSTF), individual residential spray irrigation systems (IRSIS), and other alternate systems.


NPDES Permits, Stormwater Management Plans & Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

Earthmoving and construction are regulated activities, and in many cases may not be allowed to proceed until the proper permits and approvals are obtained. Whether designing for a small accessory building or a large, multi-phase development, we have the expertise to help you through the process of obtaining these approvals. We are able to prepare the plans, reports, and application packages you’ll need to allow construction and earthmoving to move forward.


PA DEP Chapter 105 Stream Encroachment & Obstruction Permits

Earthwork and construction in or near streams, wetlands, or other water features may require a Chapter 105 Permit from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP). This permitting requirement extends, in many cases, to the maintenance, repair, or replacement of existing structures.


PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permits

Access to state highways and roads in Pennsylvania is only allowed after a highway occupancy permit (HOP) is obtained. This requirement can extend to earthwork and/or construction located outside of the paved cartway, but inside the state right-of-way. We can provide advice on what type of permit may be required and can help you to apply for the permit through PennDOT’s online EPS system.